It was the best weekend we have ever spent in Berlin. Loved the view and the fishing. So relaxing and nice. Highly recommend it to all who go to Amish Country.
This was our second stay at your cabin and it was spectacular! It was nice in the fall, but just beautiful now in the summer! We had a very relaxing trip - we reconnected as a couple and had a campfire. We will definitely be back!
The cabin exceeded our expectations! We chose to not eat out, but rather grill steaks and stay in! We loved the privacy of the back deck and the chance to just be in the quiet.
What a relaxing time we had in the Cove. Our goal was to spend some time relaxing, praying, and enjoying our marriage away from the normal routine. Mission accomplished. I can’t imagine not coming back here some day!
The morning that we left I woke up and decided to have hot chocolate on the deck. I started to feed the fish and it was wonderful! There were so many bluegill! Then I started to see glimpses of an enormous fish that I didn’t recognize - it turned out to be a huge, scarred-up catfish and he ate at the deck for an hour! It was awesome!
Everything was so perfect!! My husband and I really needed this weekend getaway with no worries. We loved walking in to see the note and cookies on the table. It was definitely very cozy and relaxing. We enjoyed sitting on the porch and feeding the fish. Can’t wait to come back in the future!